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2020 Customer Review Achievements

We are so excited to share that in 2020, DesktopShipper received multiple customer review achievements!...

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2020 Ecommerce Overview

Wow, 2020 was a challenging year! Without sounding too cliché, the Covid19 worldwide shutdown brought a huge silver...

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December Ecommerce Wrap-Up

Despite the economic downturn and a record percentage of unemployed Americans, retail sales projections continued to...

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FedEx Continues Pandemic Surcharge Indefinitely

"New year, new you!" While many use January as a fresh start, sometimes we have trouble shaking habits from the old...

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The Best Books to Read When You Own a Business

This time of year often brings on reflection, resolutions, and is a time that many set goals for the new year. If...

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Save Money Without Losing Quality

Here at DesktopShipper, our specialty is Logistics and Transportation, both vital functions of an efficient Supply...

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November Ecommerce Wrap-up

Companies of all sizes spend a lot of money on advertising leading up to big holiday shopping days, but it is a...

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How to Stop "Porch Pirates" this Holiday Season

According to CNBC, “about 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every day in the U.S.” On top of that, Value...

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Small Business Saturday in Portland, OR

DesktopShipper was established in Portland, Oregon and has always had a love for all the creative energy that resides

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