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Small Business Saturday in Portland, OR

DesktopShipper was established in Portland, Oregon and has always had a love for all the creative energy that resides

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2020 Singles Day Recap

Singles Day, also known at Double 11, was a day created in China to celebrate single-ness! A shopping day created to...

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How to Plan for Cyber Monday

2020 has already broken all the records within e-commerce. Considering consumer spending grew 44.4% in Q2, which is...

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Is Black Friday Dead?

Yes, you read that right – Could this decades long shopping tradition be on the brink of extinction? Experts alike...

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DesktopShipper Named FrontRunner for Order Management Software

DesktopShipper is excited to announce that it has been named a FrontRunner for Order Management software by Software...

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Save More: Is Using a Shipping UI Worth the Initial Investment?

Fact: All shipping solutions cost money. You might be paying via an upfront monthly fee, or you might be paying...

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October Wrap-Up: New in Ecommerce

We have heard time and time again that 2020 has been an unprecedented year, and that could not be truer for the...

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Handling Q4 Fatigue

Q4 has historically been a stressful time for retailers. It is filled packed storefronts, lines out the door, gift...

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