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New E-Book - International Shipping: A Guide for E-Commerce Sellers

Learn how to take advantage of new international shipping opportunities.

Learn how to take advantage of new international shipping opportunities.

DesktopShipper is excited to announce the release of our newest shipping resource!
How do you intend to capitalize on the growing global e-commerce market? DesktopShipper's International Shipping: A Guide for E-Commerce Sellers provides guidance for e-commerce shippers on how to navigate the roadblocks they may face along the way as they expand their business internationally. 


For your business to feel fully confident when shipping cross-border, you need to ensure you are selling the appropriate products. Learn how to understand your target market and avoid errors by learning from your potential international consumers. Think critically about if your products are going to sell, how they will make the trip, and how they should be released to the global market. Then it’s time to start preparing to ship internationally. 


There are many obstacles and challenges to overcome when it comes to E-commerce, as it can be very competitive. Setting goals and celebrating your accomplishments along the way are important elements of achieving success. The ultimate objective of a company that ships and sells internationally is to become a global brand. It's a big accomplishment. 

So, how does one achieve this and become a preferred brand in the right markets?


Once you are up and running, if you want to maintain smooth operations with your logistics, it is essential to avoid any errors. This means streamlining your international shipping. It is time to place your trust in a method that works more innovatively and is not complex. With the right WMS, shipping solution, e-commerce platforms, and creative packaging solutions in place, you can streamline every step of your international logistics process. 

"In today's e-commerce, there is a sense of pressure for companies to expand internationally, and doing so requires strategic planning. This guide provides the necessary resources and key information for customers that are considering cross-border shipping. It is imperative for systems, like DesktopShipper, to help automate customers' international processes and alleviate the challenges of scaling their businesses for a global market. We are pleased to make this resource available to those planning to establish an international shipping strategy." - Wade Ransom, VP of Business Development

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