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September Wrap-Up

Another month is gone and another DesktopShipper wrap-up is here! As we move into Q4, September tends to be a slower...

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9 Ways to Prevent E-Commerce Fraud

Whenever any industry grows, there are those who take advantage of certain circumstances and commit fraud. A recent...

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August 2021 E-Commerce Wrap Up

August was the month for spending! The last family vacation before school begins, back-to-school shopping, and the...

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July 2021 E-commerce News Wrap-up

We are officially over halfway through 2021, and as the world stumbles through a pandemic recovery, e-commerce sales...

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5 Ways to Avoid Return Scams

When the sales went through the roof due to the covid-19 pandemic, the subsequent delays, lost packages, canceled...

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5 Benefits of Headless Commerce

As the e-commerce industry grows, so does competition. With more and more consumers expecting online stores to value...

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June E-Commerce News Wrap-Up

What a month! With extreme heatwaves, vaccination rollouts, and the summer season in full swing, much is happening...

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Money Flooding Into the E-commerce Industry

It's no secret that in the last year, e-commerce has exploded. In the first eight weeks of the COVID-19 economic...

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May E-commerce News Wrap Up

May was the month for projections, predictions, and the opening up of economies. Though we probably won't entirely...

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