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Ecommerce News

August 2021 E-Commerce Wrap Up

Over halfway through Q3, many companies are gearing up for peak season orders. From price increases to sustainability, here is a look at how many are...

Ecommerce News

July 2021 E-commerce News Wrap-up

Industry leaders announced exciting e-commerce developments in July! We review the resumed trend of investing in e-commerce infrastructure.

Ecommerce News

5 Ways to Avoid Return Scams

Of the $428 billion in 2020 returns, it's believed that 5.9% is fraudulent. How do companies juggle keeping customers happy and reducing fraud?

Ecommerce News

5 Benefits of Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is the latest e-commerce seller tool. It allows for customizable features and less work for the company overall.

Ecommerce News

June E-Commerce News Wrap-Up

Sellers focused on infrastructure investments as companies looked for ways to automate processes, decentralize teams, and fight supply chain issues.

Ecommerce News

Money Flooding Into the E-commerce Industry

From shipping solutions to advanced point-of-sales to implementing warehouse fulfillment robots, outside investors are paying big to get in on the...

Ecommerce News

May E-commerce News Wrap Up

With the massive increase of e-commerce sales during the pandemic, those in the industry are trying new ways to keep consumers buying online.

Ecommerce News

April Wrap-Up

As we move into the second month of Q2, it is time to look back at the top e-commerce news stories from April.

Ecommerce News

Google Makes a Shift for E-commerce

As popular marketplaces replace search engines for that first-stop-shop experience, Google has taken on an opposite approach. 

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