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April WrapUp

April has thundered by like a rainstorm. The beginning of Q2 saw an exploration of customer experience and...

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Three Ways to Gain B2B Traction Online

The Covid 19 pandemic has forever changed the way people spend money. Business-to-Consumers (B2C) were early adopters...

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Google Makes a Shift for E-commerce


As the world continues to change, e-commerce continues to grow.

Throughout the past year, e-commerce has flourished...

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How Private Label is Changing E-commerce

If you have been paying attention to e-commerce as of late, you might have noticed there were (and continue to be)...

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Fulfillment Trends to Focus On In 2021

2020 was undoubtedly a whirlwind. From economics to social change, no one can doubt that 2020 will go down in history....

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Small Business Saturday in Portland, OR

DesktopShipper was established in Portland, Oregon and has always had a love for all the creative energy that resides...

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Grow Your Business, Not Your Workload

When starting a business, you are doing more than just creating a product or service. It doesn’t take long before you...

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How e-Commerce has been affected by COVID-19

In mid-March, the United States experienced unprecedented times when essentially the entire country shut down with...

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Is Premium Shipping On Amazon Worth It?

Being able to provide fast and cost-effective shipping options to your buyer has always been a top priority in...

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2020 USPS Rate Increases

Peak shipping season is in full swing and you might have missed the proposed rate changes that were announced by the ...

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