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September Wrap-Up

Another month is gone and another DesktopShipper wrap-up is here! As we move into Q4, September tends to be a slower...

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Navigating Q4 in 2021

It is no secret that 2021 has not gone exactly as planned. As vaccinations were being introduced, many Americans...

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Five Features 3PLs Need in a Shipping Solution

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies are complex organizations with numerous moving parts, which is why they...

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How Do I Find the Right 3PL For My Business?

If you are an e-commerce business considering 3PL fulfillment, then you know this is certainly not a decision to be...

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How to Limit 3PL Growing Pains

Recent months have seen increased interest in Third-Party Logistics companies, which were already in high demand...

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Reverse Logistics : The Unexpected Costs of Returns

Reverse Logistics, also referred to as the returns process, are among the most under-recognized costs associated...

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Top E-commerce Business Investments

If you're similar to other e-commerce businesses, you probably hear about a million different frameworks that are...

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How to Welcome Customers Back In-Store While Keeping Them Buying Online

It seems like every day, the world is changing, and the CDC is coming out with new information on how to stay safe...

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What is Social Commerce?

First Comes E-commerce, Then Comes Social Commerce? 

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How Shipping Affects Your Brand

In the era of getting everything yesterday, e-commerce retailers are held to high standards to meet or exceed...

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